The What, Where, and How of Shale Gas

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  1. Love the article – at we have recently discussed the newest fracking technology…


    Let’s talk natural gas and “fracking”. Fracking can cost several million dollars per well so companies are continually on the look-out for lower cost options. Recently, Schlumberger has been discussing a new technology that reduces fracking cost substantially.

    Fracking a well involves three major costs – proppant (sand/chemical mix), water and trucks. The fracking technology Schlumberger has developed utilizes 40% less proppant and up to 50% less water. Less proppant and less water leads to significantly fewer supply trucks and therefore less operating cost.

    JPMorgan has estimated that fracking costs could drop from $2.5 million per well down to under $1 million. A significant cost reduction for natural gas producers.

    Lower cost means more oil/gas can be economically recovered (higher company reserves), increasing the overall supply. More supply equates to lower retail prices and more support for our “Investment Case For Natural Gas”…..

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  1. December 11, 2012

    […] To see the info-graphic blog visit “the-what-where-and-how-of-shale-gas“ […]

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