The Bouma Sequence

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5 Responses

  1. JuanMa Turra says:

    Why are there no megaripples bouma in sequence?

  2. JuanMa Turra says:

    In other words.. Why not dunes at Bouma sequence formed?

    • geologyfreak says:

      A bouma sequence is formed in turbidity currents. These are turbid currents which flow in the direction of the down slope. Now in layer C we can find ripples. The velocity decreases as these currents react to the changing slope. This would affect the sediment deposition pattern as coarse will get deposited first. So the formation is also hindered by such factors. Certainly I have not come across any mega ripples or dunes in bouma sequence. The concept is still under controversy. I have research papers that disapproves the formation of such sequences.
      Thanks for commenting. Sorry for a late response.

      • JuanMa Turra says:

        check this, “A persistent question has been that of why dunes and associated medium-scale cross strata apparently do not form beneath turbidity currents. The two main explanations have been that the sediment is too fine-grained for dunes to form and that there is not enough time for dunes to formin a rapidly changing flow. Small dunes can easily form in the hours that a turbidity current can flow, and cross strata from dunes should occur in turbidity currents that transport sand and gravel.” , my teacher told me, “are not formed because the flow slows down so fast that no form dunes”

        • geologyfreak says:

          Actually turbidity currents reacts to the slope as said in my earlier reply. The slope changes so rapidly that it takes a toll on the velocity of the current and all the sediment gets dumped all of a sudden. This is very common. Which wont generate any dunes.

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