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wpid columbia glacier 1920x12001 - 8 photos which proves global warming 0

8 photos which proves global warming

Global warming is generally reflected as increase in radiation budget or increase in the green house gases or decrease in albedo created by glacial ice. The temperature rise can be easily reflected in the...

Shimla – A city upon a hill 0

Shimla – A city upon a hill

Hello friends. I am sharing some beautiful images from my recent visit to shimla for a national conference on glaciology. Shimla (himachal pradesh) is situated on the pir panjal mountain range of himalaya. The...

Tornadoes – Destructive and Violent 0

Tornadoes – Destructive and Violent

When I see any tornado, there are just two words come into my mind Destructive and Violent. Some might also find it Beautiful. Despite improved warnings and forecasts over the past few decades, tornadoes still cause...