Srishti Dubey

I am a third year student majoring in Geology with Physics as my minor at St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. Geology and I share a bond that dates back to the time when I was starting to get influenced by the series of Geological documentaries "How the earth was made?" by History channel. These documentaries ignited a spark within me that was fuelled up again when I was fortunate enough to come across the character of Dr. Adrian of the movie 2012 and the legendary Andy of the movie Shawshank Redemption. I always had an affinity towards nature. The very fact that a rock is millions and millions of years old makes me feel very small and all I can do question my existence in comparison to these rocks. Geology is love and is my peaceful escape from this chaotic world. If I ever die, I would like to have these very words scribbled down my photograph (or grave?) : Srishti loved geology! :D Through this forum, I want to do my best to make people aware of the wonders and scope of Geology.

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